Release On January 4, 2019


Chrono Ghost

You are the Chrono Ghost. You must progress through challenging levels using your newly acquired abilities. As you progress, your adventure becomes considerably more demanding. Go forth and test your dexterity. Hurry, Time is running out!


As the Chrono Ghost, you have the responsibility of proving yourself to the Spirit of Time. You also seek the truth to some unanswered questions. How did you end up here? Why are you the Chrono Ghost? Who or what is the Spirit of Time? Why are you chosen to complete the Spirit of Time's test?


The Chrono Ghost has the ability to speed up time, slow down time, and stop time. You must master these skills to gain the respect of the Spirit of Time. These strengths are essential to progress through the difficult tasks that are in store. Do you have what it takes to use these abilities to pass the test?

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